Tuesday, May 22, 2012


This blog isn't really about any one thing in particular.  That's probably why nobody reads it (but that's okay guys!)  Recently some changes have come around these parts.  I realize most of these are obvious (pretty new header!  New URL!), but did you notice I did an "About Me" page?  For those who don't know me, or think you do...check it.  Anyway, even though I don't really blog about anything in particular besides what bugs me and what interests me and what I think is cool, probably the one thing I have blogged about fairly consistently is stuff having to do with Keane.  Like I did here and here and here and here and here and here and here.  Phew.
Album Numero Quatro
Keane had a new album come out a couple of weeks ago, and I got it for my birthday.  The album was described by the cashier at the store as having "...perfect balance.  Rarely do albums have perfect balance, but this one does."  I don't know if that's mixing or sound quality or type of song, or whatever.  What I do know is that is quite a good album.  Hereforth and forthwith, what I thought:

1. You Are Young: This is a great start to the rest of the album.  It's about being young (like a child) and trying not to worry about things, because you have your parents' love and protection for now (at least, that's the message I got).  [I like it]

2. Silenced By the Night: Catchy.  This is their single for the album and I love singing along to it.  [I like it]

3. Disconnected: I love this one.  It's an upbeat things-have-gone-wrong song, and the music video is delightfully creepy, styled after sort of a soap horror film (is that a genre?).  [I like it]

4. Watch How You Go: Hm...It kind of reminds me of a boring Beatles song.  For some reason that's the best way I can think of to describe it.  I'm not too turned off though, because you can't love every song on an album.  Well, yes you can.  Whatever.  Anyway, the lyrics are kind of nice, sort of a you-left-me-goodbye-take-care-of-yourself type of thing.  [I didn't like it]

5. Sovereign Light Cafe:They used this as the soundtrack for the album trailer a few months ago (which you should watch).  It's as fun as it was teased to be.  The lyrics tell the tale of a reminiscence to times when things were different, but it's not dredged in wishing they were still that way. [I like it]

6. On the Road: Upbeat and optimistic, this song is pretty fun to sing along to, especially if you need some uplifting.  That's sounds cheesey, but really. [I mostly like it]

7. The Starting Line: At this point I was starting to think that some people might see this album as kind of "cutesy" because of the more-present piano and mallet bells, but really, it's supposed to be a little happier I guess.  The lyrics for this one also speak of better days ahead, as far as I can tell.  Overall, probably not my favorite song though. [I didn't like it]

8. Black Rain:My very favorite of the mellower songs on the album (so honestly...maybe the most favorite).  It has more of the heavy electronics present in Under the Iron Sea that I loved so much, with the ambiance of Hopes and Fears.  I just like it a lot. [I like it...as I said]

9. Neon River:I like this one too.  Happy and stuff.  Just listen. [I like it]

10. Day Will Come:More electronic-y.  It didn't really captivate me, but it has the promise to grow on me, really. [I might like it more later]

11. In Your Own Time: The verses are nothing special in this song, but I like the chorus a lot, really! [I mostly like it]

12. Sea Fog: A calm end to the album, I bet you could fall asleep to this one if you were relaxed enough.  I appreciate that the music sort of sounds like what the lyrics are describing...if you know what I mean. [I like it]

Overall, I'd say the album was kind of a throwback to their original style, but it has matured, and is clearly more optimistic in feel.  They know more about what their direction is, I think, and with all the experience and experimentation under their collective belt, they're able to produce a better sound then they originally had.  And I think it was a great idea for them to hire on a full-time bassist.  As a whole, the album isn't as fun as Perfect Symmetry, or as emotional as Under the Iron Sea, it just is.  But it's great.  And I bet I'll listen to my favorites loads more before their concert in Salt Lake next month (oh by the way, yeah, that's happening.  And I couldn't be more stoked!)
Jesse, bass; Tom, lead voice & acoustic guitar; Tim, lyrics & piano & synth; Rich, drums & percussion

Monday, May 21, 2012

It's A Plan of My Own Invention

Freedom zaps creativity and kills brain cells, let me tell you.  Well, not that I'm free exactly, but only having one class and working all day at a place that kind of saps your cognitive abilities if you're there for too long during the day, instead of having a billion classes and still working at that place, plus whatever else...you know what I mean, right?

I recently found out that my job situation for when we move to Connecticut in a few weeks (just for a couple of months, don't worry!) is no longer iron-clad.  Meaning I don't have one anymore.  They failed to mention I'd need to attend an expensive distant week-long training camp and pass a 550-yard-straight swimming test (immediately followed by a 20-foot dive to retrieve a 10-pound weight...)  I don't think I've ever been in that good of shape in my life.  Have you?  Would you do that just for a little month-long job at a scout camp?  I wouldn't.  And so that's why I have no job.  There's talk that maybe I'll get to be a clerk at the camp.  Err...see the statement above about dead brain cells and how awesome that is.

So in the mean time, I'm applying for random internships in New York City, because how is that not a potentially amazing experience?  I tried to get in touch with a lady in charge of internships at a museum there, asking if there were any late openings, and if not, if she knew of any openings still available at other museums through her networking that I know she does because if she didn't she'd be a failure at her job.  Her response?  Word for word:

The summer internships are closed.
Lame Lady Lame

She obviously read my well-composed and professional (and succinct) email.  Can't even be bothered to use my name.  Or prove she cares about humanity.  I bet she even eats not-dolphin-safe tuna.

Anyway, so it's likely I won't really be doing anything this summer except being in Connecticut and occasionally getting paid to watch babies or walk dogs or whatever else I can be contracted out to do.  In the mean time, I want to write a book.  Yes.  At least that's what I'm telling myself.  But considering the first sentence of this post...the probability of that happening (go statistics words, yeah!) is pretty low.  So I'll just play tour guide when my parents come out to visit at the beginning of July, pretend I know how to navigate NYC, learn how to navigate the hedge maze that is Connecticut, and let those hard-earned-college-degree brain cells dribble out my ears.  I'll write when (or if) I feel like it.  Hopefully that'll be enough material for a book.  Don't ask what it's about yet, it's still more of a blastocyst than a baby, so to speak.  Speaking of babies, it'd probably be harder to write if I had one.  Or four (this is an awkward segue for me to direct you to this hilarious thing that my mom wrote that I was going to incorporate into a Mother's Day post, but I got lazy).

In other news, today is my birthday.  I don't feel old.  Actually, I feel like I'm starting to catch up to how old I've felt since I was 16.  Long story.  In honor of my birthday, I got phone calls and texts from friends and family (always nice), I was told by my sister in Scotland at the moment that I was also Nessie's little sister (and a good one too), I was featured by my other sister (not Nessie) in all my strange glory for the internet (or whoever reads her blog) to see, Sam has promised me lots of good food as my birthday gift, my father-in-law sent me an email saying he was taking a tour of Jerusalem and that he'd think of me (jealous), and my little brother sent me pictures of cats he's been collecting during his time in Boston.
My media editing abilities know no bounds.
These are way better presents from the world than last year, which was the threat of the Rapture.  So there's that!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Cream Puff Filling

The bloggy-blog is back up!  This is somewhat of a filler post, but I have (hopefully) better ones in the works, so bear with me.  This is mostly to direct you to the new URL anyway ;)


Why does "Muskrat Love" by America keep shuffling up on my iPod?  Like at least twice a day.  And no, if I listen to it, it doesn't go away, because I've tried that.

Why do people think that dirt bikes are appropriate commuter transportation?  They are seriously the loudest vehicles known to mankind, and half of them have only half of a broken license plate (if any).  How is that legal?

Why does a little cafe that used to be awesome now think it's okay to sell me orange Fanta under the guise of it being Orange Crush?  Probably because now it's run by scrawny college hipsters instead of awesome Polynesian men.  They also no longer have seasoned fries.  Sad day.

Why does the museum where I work have furniture that is all-metal and so old it could've belonged to Harry S Truman and increases my proclivity for bumping my shins and medial malleoli and whatnot?  I have enough bruises, thank you.

Why does the BBC Sherlock music keep ripping off Hans Zimmer???  (No, I haven't watched the second season yet, but it's on my to-do list!)

And why have you not watched this hilarious gem yet?  A thousand pardons if you have.  (Aviso: Some language.  Don't complain since I told you so.)

RIP Maurice Sendak!

Friday, May 11, 2012

New URL!!!

The blog is going through a transition today, kind of like Cassie into a horse:

By the way, if you never read Animorphs, you are missing out on a lot of 90s goodness.

The blog is getting a new url.  Everything will be the same!  However, you will no longer be able to find anything wonderful at shannonshoes.blogspot.com.  I'll be announcing it elsewhere in a bit in case you miss this post, but if you follow this blog on reader or somewhere else, change the blog url to philo-file.blogspot.com (but wait until tomorrow, because right now it doesn't exist).
Okay kiddos, you have probably until the end of today before the shannonshoes url will be GONZO.  Get on it!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Philophile Files

The blog has a new look!  It also has a new name.  I'm still kicking the name around like a tin can in the front yard, but so far this one seems to be the one.

But, before I commit, I need input!  Does it sound totally pretentious?  Is it stupid?  Too generic?  Are there too many "ffff"s in it?  Does it make you think I like philosophy (I'm neither here nor there, but I can tell you Plato is a bore)?  Should I kick the subtitle?

Eventually, the title will be reflected in a new url (but the blog will remain the same!).  I will keep you posted on that, once the title is solidified.

Oh, and feel free to make suggestions if you have any.  I'm open!
Or does it make you think of falafel?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pure of Heart?

I finally figured out how to navigate Pottermore (thank you, kind Adrien).  Here are the nerdy deets, if you care:  I got a tawny owl as my pet and my wand is 13 3/4 inches, sycamore with unicorn hair, and slightly springy.  My house...is Hufflepuff.

Try to imagine one of those toys where a segmented animal is held together by a tight string, and when you push the button it collapses.  Here, I drew a picture for you to demonstrate:

Yeah, that was me when I read I was in Hufflepuff.  And there was some groaning involved.

Okay, here's the real nerdy-time stuff, so just tune out for a bit if you don't care.  I always imagined myself as a Ravenclaw.  Because maybe I'm smart (although if I reread that last post, I'll realize I had it coming).  Slytherin, whatever.  At least I could be a Gryffindor, because sometimes I'm brave.  But Hufflepuff?  Really, Hufflepuff??!?  Snippets of reassurance came from Adrien, who was sitting by me when I found out, and from the Welcome Letter from the Hufflepuff welcome-letter-writer (I forget who, whatever).

"...Hufflepuff is certainly the least boastful house, but we’ve produced just as many brilliant witches and wizards as any other..."

"...But you're so pure of heart!"

"...Just because we don’t shout about it, we don’t get the credit we deserve..."

"...And the common room is so sunny!"

Yeah, okay.

I was still moping about it when Sam came to pick me up from work a bit later.  I got into the car, frowning.  I felt a bit like Calvin (in Calvin & Hobbes of course) when the transmogrifier breaks after he's been turned into an owl.
Transmogrifier broken :(
Sam told me something important about the car, and then I broke the news to him.

"I have something to tell you."  Sigh.  "I'm a hufflepuff."

"What, on Pottermore?"


"What's so bad about that?"

"Well I just always thought I would be in Ravenclaw.  I mean, I want to be smart, and I want to be brave."

"You are those things, you're just more humble about it.  Like almost annoyingly sometimes."  Gee thanks, husband.  "And anyway, if you don't like it, you can just sign in with a different email and do it again."

"Yeah, but that's dishonest and it kind of ruins the spirit of the thing."


"Okay fine.  I'm a Hufflepuff."

"When we get home I'll sign up too so you can feel better."

When we got home he was sorted into Gryffindor.  And proceeded to get probably 15 chapters farther than me more than twice as fast.  I feel MUCH better.

But hey, I'm pure of heart!  And humble.  And my common room is sunnier than yours.
I can humble the heck out of all of you.