Saturday, April 28, 2012

I'm Snart

 Random thought: I think I only pretend to be smart.  Sometimes I'll throw around phrases like "Ouch!  I hit my medial malleolus!" or, when I'm brushing my teeth, "My spit sinks below the soap bubbles because it's denser."  Or whatever.

But apparently I'm not really all that smart, because I'm incapable of comprehending certain things.  For instance, my sister-in-law was asking me about Pottermore-- which would seem like kind of a dream for me, because, HELLO, it's more Harry Potter, but which I only joined today after she asked if I was a part of it and I realized I'd never gotten around to even looking at for some reason.  She asked what house I was in.  So I went to the website to find out how to get sorted into a house so I could be sly and pretend like I already knew.  And I spent fifteen minutes exasperatedly yelling (probably in a nasally voice for some reason), HOW DO I CLICK THESE THEEEENGS???!?  And I realized...yeah, I'm dumb.

Or, like I mentioned a few posts ago, how I can't even do proper math, and apparently the moon is only a couple kilometers away.

The list goes on.  Apparently I don't actually know how to blog either, because...what exactly is this post about?  I don't know.  But check this out:

That's right.  I'm magical folk.


Adrien said...

So...did you get sorted yet?

Megan said...

Snart is the offspring of snark and smart. And I feel the same way, except I avoid talking about spit whenever possible.