Friday, August 20, 2010

End of the Year

First things first: I just typed in the url for this blog but forgot the "blogspot" part, and found this. Funny. Maybe I'll buy some Jig Shoes.

That's a picture for you. It's very nice. I didn't take it, obv.

Anyway, down to business. For some reason I like to count the end of the year as the end of August. It's warmer that way, and the new year then also begins with a more realistic new beginning (Fall Semester). So I was reflecting back on what I've done in the past year, and I came up with a list.

In the Past Year, I have:

-moved 3 times (into one house, back to the old house, down to the basment)

-gone camping 3 times (twice in tents, once without)

-taken 2 roadtrips (to Boise and Fallbrook)

-cut my hair 1 time

-gone on 6 hikes (that's all?)

-done 9 scuba dives (that doesn't seem like that many...)

-made several new friends, reconnected with a few old ones, and lost only one

-got pulled over 2 times, ticketed 1 time, towed for parking 1 time, and got 1 flat tire

-broke up with a boy 1 time, then "ended it" ambiguously like 4 other times with the same guy (lesson learned this time I think)

-dealt with 5 transient animals (2 cats, 2 fish, 1 fawn)

-spent countless hours nannying and babysitting

-spent 10 days total in California (6 more coming soon!)

-been on a plane 5 times (SanDiego>SLC, SLC>Detroit, Det>London, London>Det, Det>SLC...and one more tomorrow SLC>LongBeach)

-been to 2 foreign countries (England & France)

-applied for approx. 50 jobs, had 4 interviews, and got 1 job

It seems like a productive year to me! Here's to another :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Just Watch It

Music: "Departure" by Michael Nayman, from Gattaca

And if you get into timelapse like me, check out this and this.