Monday, June 17, 2013

Glad Dad Tie Fad

Hopefully this post will be a little less...disturbing...than my last.

I kind of wish I didn't first think to write this this morning, but maybe now this can make Father's Day like a 2-day party, kind of like the Olympics (which is way longer than two days, but whatever).

I just wanted to jot down some thoughts about the father-y figures in my life, because I think they're all a little under-appreciated.  Or something.  Oh, and I know several people who either never knew their dad, or their dads maybe weren't quite who they could've been, but I think it's important to recognize all father-figures, and even just great men in our lives.  And not like in an all-potential-fathers-stand-up-in-church-for-a-free-cookie type of way, but you know.  La di da.

So here we go.  In chronological order of when I met them:

1. My Dad.
Dad and my half-sibs, as they are wont to do
He is smart, he is patient, and he always makes us laugh.  He's just a silly person.  He cares for his family and loves his children.  I love that he was able to spend so much time with us as kids, racing us up the driveway, taking us on delivery trips to the Bay Area (usually just one-on-one), dancing with us in the kitchen, etc.  He taught us to do so many practical things (he's a great teacher).  He makes the best orange juice.  His nursery made sure we all had our first paying job by the time we were like 6 years old.  And he taught us a lot about caring for plants.  Bonus: I've been able to impress countless people by saying things like "Oh, that's a Phoenix Canariensis."  He encouraged us to try hard things and to keep up with music practice of all sorts.  And best of all, he put up with the antics of his insane children.  I'm very grateful for that-- even though it's partly his fault that we are that way...heh heh.

2. My Grandpa.
Gazing into the beautiful future...
My Grandpa is the best grandpa around.  He's the only grandfather I've ever known (my dad's dad died when he was very young).  He's the father of 9 kids, 40-something grandkids, a dozen or so great-grandkids, and every young person who has ever met him.  He's a very loving, kind, smart, funny man, and is a very hard worker.  He's 80-something years old, and I'm pretty sure he works as hard today as he did any other day of his life when he's asked to help out.  He's a very patient man.  He gives the best hugs, and means every second of every squeeze.  I can see the happiness and love in his eyes when he puts his hands on my cheeks and smiles at me.  I hope he sticks around for a while :)

3. My Husband.
I guess he also complained on this day, but that's because it was 14* F.  Sam, don't be mad about this picture, I can't stop laughing, and you want me to be happy, right?!
I know, Sam's not a father yet.  But like I said earlier, great men too.  Sam is a great man.  I don't think he gets told enough.  He is one of the most patient people I have ever met.  He's very intelligent, and remembers every iota of information he's ever read, probably (unless it's music lyrics).  He is a quiet and diligent worker.  Only once in all my time knowing him have I seen him frustrated from not getting recognition for what he'd done, and it was only when he really deserved it.  He loves people, and treats everyone like family or a close friend (one of the things that initially caught my attention was his willingness to give up something he had to help himself just so someone else could be comfortable, without being asked or even prompted).  Most of all, he loves me, more than anything.  He would do anything for me, and does, without ever complaining.  I definitely need to work on a thing or two to live up to his example.  He's a funny person, and he listens to me.  He's great with kids too, as long as he doesn't frighten them with his beard (it is getting kind of mountain-man-y).

4. My Father-in-Law.
Sam's dad is pretty cool.  I think I lucked out getting such great in-laws.  Sam's dad is a very intelligent man who works hard in everything he does.  He seems to go all-in with pretty much everything he's interested in.  He takes care of his family, loves his children, and really loves his wife.  He's a great grounder.  He likes to try new things, and learn about everything.  And according to his kids he's "pretty fit" and "hip" for being 52.  Best of all, he raised Sam (those other kids too, but you know...).  Sam loves his dad and looks up to him.  Every time Sam gets excited about something happening to him, one of the first things he wants to do is tell his dad.  Sam is also a lot like his dad, in a lot of ways.  And I am grateful that a great person was the one to raise him.