Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I'm Sorry I Called You Fat Fat Fat

It's all been dry bones over here for the last couple of months.  But here's a totes interesting update if you please:

Sam will be starting a teaching license and certification program this autumn semester!  It's sort of a shorter, quicker (and bonus, it's cheaper) route to licensure, and it's pretty exciting.  He will be taking a couple of classes each semester (it's a full calendar year program) in addition to working and then doing student teaching at one point.  It'll be a busy year, but we are all very excited to get the wheels turning!

Rosalind just turned 5 months old.  Her hair is getting longer and is definitely the same color as mine.  Her eyes are also basically brown.  She is unbelievably chunky, especially in her legs.  As in, if it wasn't too hot for pants, I'd have to go out and buy either 18mos or 2T size pants for her.  This should not be so.  And that's not even entirely because of her fluffbum, it's because her thighs are the size of a Renaissance Fair turkey leg.

Overhanging knee fat, what
She's still on an all-formula and donated breast milk (when we get lucky) diet, and she'll start solid food next month, but right now she loves having tastes of things every now and then.  So far she seems to love melon and guacamole (how can she not, with that Fallbrook blood in her), and isn't too sure about hummus or lemonade.

She can sit up mostly on her own, but the process has involved a lot of hilarious tumbles.  She's also rolled over both directions, but never does it because she is too fat and lazy.  It was just a fad for a few days.

For some reason this is the funniest thing I've ever seen

I think she's getting a tooth, too, but let's not get too excited here.

Anyway, not much else goes on here.  We're looking for ways to make lots of money so we can move back in to our own place again, but for now, we're grateful to be here in a house with air conditioning and free friends.

I'm also trying to get back into actual photography again.  It's been a while because I got insanely tired when I was pregnant, and then we moved to a place without internet so I couldn't keep up my website, and now I've grown attached to my iPhone camera... excuses mostly.  Help me out and ask me to take pictures of you plzkthxbai.

Here are some more BABYPIX (TM):

We all have Baby Einstein songs in our head now.

At the Scottish Festival last weekend

Dem eyelashes

Documentation of an almost-disaster

...and one of her most favorite toys