Saturday, August 29, 2009


I haven't posted in over a month! This is a little crazy. But I guess there just hasn't been much to say. I lost my job due to not being a student anymore, I moved to a much more expensive (but nicer too) place, I went back home for a visit for a couple of weeks and didn't take any pictures because my camera died on the first day, and now I'm fighting the masses looking for a new job. Let me know if you see or hear of anything. And I'll try to post more often since I know all (three) of you hang on my every word...
In the mean time, watch this cool/weird/funny/whatever video that Maggie posted on Facebook so you've probably already seen it:

P.S. I'm changing my goal of how many books I'd like to read this year to 50. It seems 100 is a bit too ambitious.