Monday, June 30, 2008

I'll Have Fries With That

Right now I'm staying in Utah with Megan and Jared (and Nathan). It's been quite fun and a little relaxing, because it has been. Yes. Anyway, I'm staying in the as-yet-unborn baby's room and I have set it up to look a little like this: (a little because you can't see the sides, which contains Megan's sewing machine and all their video tapes)Nathan really likes to come in here because he isn't usually allowed to. He likes to open drawers and doors and pull videos off the shelves and out of their little boxes.
But he is still a lot of fun. He's mostly who I've been hanging out with since I've been here, and we have fun most of the time. Sometimes it gets a little tedious trying to keep an eye or two on him while attempting to accomplish my incredibly (un)important tasks. I make it sound like Megan leaves me with Nathan all the time, but it really isn't true. In fact I've probably been around Adrien more often. We went to Seven Peaks where Adrien said I would get a tapeworm in my ear and cause me to be unable to have children because I thought it was so dirty in the water. I guess it wasn't really that bad. The water slides were scary though-- I was more than sure I would fly over the edge into the air. That didn't happen though. Then Adrien gave me the "worker's" tour of the museum, where I volunteer now (even though I've only been there one day). Last Wednesday Megan took me to lunch and to go job hunting in Provo (my attempts in Springville were incredibly unsuccessful-- and it's surprising how rude some people can be in telling you they aren't hiring!) So we got to hang out then. And we're hanging out now while Nathan takes a nap and I am not going to the museum today because Adrien is sick and I don't really have a job to do.
Anyway, here is a picture of Nathan and one of his little friends at a park play date the other day:
It was really sunny and bright.
...And Nathan investigating my watch...
...And wearing my sunglasses (of his own accord even)...
Anyway, last night (or this morning rather) I got back from the reunion. Kevin came and he really likes The Family. I only took 2 pictures and they were of the lake while we were on the horse ride and haven't been developed yet, so I have no pictures from the reunion. But it was a lot of fun, and all of you who will read this (except Megan) were there, so I don't really need to tell you about it. But I had a barrel of monkeys, even during the cheatage that was Astroblasters, and I'm really glad I "participated" more (or involved myself) in this reunion.
On the way back we all played silly games sitting in the fat amounts of stoopid construction traffic and listened to CCR and Coldplay and discussed the Ferrouginous Hawk.

Monday, June 9, 2008

To the Mattresses!

I moved by bed and rearranged the rest of my stuff when I got my brand-spankin' new bookshelf headboard thingy! It's so cool! And I got a neato little(ish) statue of Nike of Samothrace too.
There's a tiger and a horse I got in China town in L.A. a few months ago for scale...Isn't she pretty (Nike, not the horse)??
If you notice the posters...they're ones I got for super cheap on
A guy leaping over a stream-thing in Hyde Park in London(?)
People dancing on the quais(?) in Paris.
Grenada, Spain. I want to see a place this colorful :)
Anyway. There's also a cheapo map of the world hanging above my bed... is having a 20% off everything dealio right now if anyone is interested. There was a sale going on when I got mine too.
I feel artistic :)