Monday, June 9, 2008

To the Mattresses!

I moved by bed and rearranged the rest of my stuff when I got my brand-spankin' new bookshelf headboard thingy! It's so cool! And I got a neato little(ish) statue of Nike of Samothrace too.
There's a tiger and a horse I got in China town in L.A. a few months ago for scale...Isn't she pretty (Nike, not the horse)??
If you notice the posters...they're ones I got for super cheap on
A guy leaping over a stream-thing in Hyde Park in London(?)
People dancing on the quais(?) in Paris.
Grenada, Spain. I want to see a place this colorful :)
Anyway. There's also a cheapo map of the world hanging above my bed... is having a 20% off everything dealio right now if anyone is interested. There was a sale going on when I got mine too.
I feel artistic :)


jared & megan said...

cool stuff. I can't help wondering if that guy made it over that stream thing... because it sure doesn't look like he did.

Janeite42 said...

I know...I was thinking "he's not going to make it!" but he might. I love the posters, btw. And your room looks very neat, and Nike is beautiful, and so are you!