Thursday, May 29, 2008

If I Were A Rich (Wo)man

...I'd be more of a "sartorialist". Some have already read this, but I figured I'd toss it onto my blog here if anyone else was interested.


Shannon Wood



Best sartorial advice from parents?

I always asked my mom if I looked ok before I left the house. She usually answered that I looked beautiful. I think that’s the key thing. Not necessarily beautiful always, but something that makes other people smile, which reflects back on you. Or that gives you confidence enough to make whatever you’re wearing look great to other people, even if it isn’t. Does that make sense?

Style Icons?

I don’t think I have any. I just like stuff I see on people that wear it well.

Describe your personal style.

Practical, simple, pretty, comfortable, etc

I build my daily look around…

My schedule for the day and the weather. Mostly the weather.

Personal style quirk?

Modesty always. If something isn’t modest and I really like it, I’ll find a way to make it modest. I used to think that kind of thing was tacky, but since I was missing out on so much awesomeness, I’ve humbled myself.

Favorite designers?

I don’t know any of their names or anything, but there is some marc jacobs stuff I have liked in the past, and lots of other things. Not devoted to any one in particular, but picking and choosing things from various places.

Most cherished item?

Clothwise, my dark Old Navy jeans. Otherwise, my computer (for music) and a nicely bound notebook, waiting me to fill its pages with whatevers.

I feel best wearing…

Jeans and a comfortable top, pretty or just nice.

The first thing I look at in another sartorialist’s outfit…

Combination of pieces, and their skin tone/shape/etc so I can see if I’m able to copy it. I never copy though. I just get ideas J

I never break this fashion rule…

Try something at least once

I always break this fashion rule…


I’m never caught wearing…

I hate it when something has the same thing on as me. That makes me go further out of my reach the next time around. I like to be different.

Dress to impress who?

Myself usually. Everyone else gets too picky.

Shine your own shoes?

Haha. I don’t have shoes to shine.



Favorite stores?

Cheap ones. Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, Pomme, etc. I like Old Navy’s and Joe’s Jeans. I also like tons of online stores like Delias, Layers, Down East, etc.

Your next ‘must have’ purchase?

I need the new coconut verbena lotion from Bath & Body works. And maybe new jeans from Old Navy J

Most underrated item in menswear/womenswear?

Hats, definitely. If only my head weren’t so big.

I skimp when buying…

Almost everything.

I splurge on…

Random stuff that happens to be cheap in my eyes. I got a really cute half-sleeve brown coatish thing with brass buttons for like $10. It’s probably not the best fit, but I love it. I get decorations too: posters, knick-knacks, what-have-yous. I’m trying to cut down on that though, since I don’t have money to spend on splurges.

Favorite item of clothing?

I like my 5-year old maroon Abercrombie & Fitch hoodie. I hardly wear it in public anymore because it’s getting ratty, but I love to wear it around the house to keep me warm.

Guilty pleasure?

Underwear. I have lots of it. More than necessary, probably.

Cologne and skincare?

Right now I use Hollister’s ‘August’—it’s ancient and I’d like something a little less heavy. I want to try the Redflower Champa roll-on perfume because it sounds pretty and it’s organic and roll-on, so I don’t lose so much of it to the air and my clothes. I don’t know what it smells like though. For skincare, right now I’m in a rut. I’m using stuff from Arbonne for my face, and I like it because it smells like orange cream soda, but it isn’t really working for me. I’d like to try the line for my skin type from Pangea Organics.

Most stylish city?

From what I’ve seen, I like the styles of London. I haven’t experienced it first-hand though, so I can’t really say.

When I was in high school I wore…

The same pair of pants with alternating Hollister T-shirts. Boring. I also wore my ubiquitous black pea coat that I loved to death. I still have it, but it’s all stretched out now, and worn down at the elbows. I need a new one.


I don’t play sports. I watch them, and that only for the atmosphere of family/friends getting together to have fun. I like watching people root for the team.

Favorite fashion magazine?

I used to like Vogue, and I like the combinations they show in clothing, but they’re too worldly. I like Lucky and InStyle too, one of them has a thing where they show all the different outfits you can make with like 6 pieces of clothing. It inspires me.

Favorite vacation spot?

So far, Hawaii. I didn’t like Cancun because it smelled, and all the places in the United States (continental, obviously) aren’t anything special. I have lots of places I’d like to visit though.

Favorite neighborhood restaurant?

I like Piccarelli’s, but it gets bland if you eat their too often. I like that their bread is sweet. Back home, it’s Great China for sure.

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Janeite42 said...

coconut verbena? doesn't that sound like something to eat? (can you eat verbena? I don't know.) anyway, now it looks like you have some things to put on your Christmas list. or you can just retitle your birthday list. see all the trouble you have been saved because you didn't get all those things for your birthday?