Monday, May 12, 2008

Your Lautrec or...Lautrec's Lautrec?

So Megan has been pressuring me into putting pictures of the few paintings I've done over the past couple of months, and here they are. It's a little bit interesting to see the slight development. In case you wonder, I paint on primed canvas I get at the University Art store with Acrylic paint I get and Wal Mart and the UA store.
Here is my very 1st ever acrylic painting. I set up a chair with Justina's towel on it. I really don't like this one. It's so blah, and mom said it was creepy. It's a little true. This is on our desk-turned-magazine-table (we don't drink coffee, and since if you open the big drawer you'll find about a thousand magazines, that's just what it is). I like how all my furniture is either white or paint stained. Except for the kitchen table.
This is the second one I did. I rather like it, although it seems like there's a major mess up in each painting. See if you can spot it in each of them. This one is hanging on the wall abovethe couch. The picture is crooked.
This is the photograph the painting is based off of. It was taken from the top of Diamond Head on Oahu by Dad. I love the color of the water, something I couldn't quite get in the paint.
Sorry this one's sideways, it looked/fit better this way. Just tilt your head. I like the bottom half of the painting. The top of the door and the address # is basically cripe. C'est lame. I like mixing colors better, which is why the pot/cactus/sidewalk was fun.
The photo it's based off of-- one I found when I looked up "colorful door". There was another one I should've picked, but it'll be fine.This one is the one I did today actually to give to mom for mother's day when she comes up tomorrow. I really, really like it. I'm very pleased, except the stoopid shadow of the boat gave me tons of trouble.

...And the photo it's based off of. Obviously I took the engine or whatever out, as well as the tassles on the prow/bow/whatever, and widened the ocean. La.
That is that. Let me know what you think.


eric & adrien said...

these are pretty. i like them a lot. i can't spot the mistake/problem in the second one though...and the first one reminds me of voldemort. maybe because i just finished harry potter, but that's sort of what i thought it was at first. hmm...

jared & megan said...

lol! moldy voldy. I like them, too. I was going to make a comment about your paintings yesterday but delayed that because I wanted to look up some artists' names that your style reminded me of so I would appear intelligent and whatnot. But, I'm actually just lazy so I never did. Anywho, good work.