Friday, May 23, 2008

I Love the Whole World

These videos make me happy, make me realize how cool the world we live in is:


jared & megan said...

cool videos. very interesting. and I must be pregnant because that third one got me choked up (even tho I've seen it before on Melissa's blog). =P
oh, btw, I did finally see that comment you made... like 2 days ago or something. I wonder why it took so long to show up? Anywho. I told Jared. Funny. =)

Janeite42 said...

huh. I get choked up at that last one, too. thanks for posting these.
btw, I ordered the headboard, but it's coming to the house (there's a reason for that, but I don't want to explain it here). did you know it's a do-it-yourself thing and you have to put it together?

adrien said...

i love that last video! it made me so happy, although i didn't get choked up. i kind of felt like a dork when i was watching it with eric because i kept pointing out which show each of the clips was from and that i had seen at least an episode of most of those shows. i watch the discovery channel...a lot.