Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wait, Wait 'til the Moon is Full

So...Sam finally, finally got a second job!  He's working three days a week at the Homestead Activity Center in Midway.  This has its a free "refresher" SCUBA dive last week, which was a lot of fun, and felt great to be back in the water again.

I put this on IG already, but I didn't take a lot of pictures because I didn't want to act like a noob...

I also started a part-time job!  I'm working as an assistant to a residential mortgage slash financial marketing guy.  It's been nice to flex my brains in a way I'm used to again (as opposed to, say, trying to problem-solve a fussy baby), and this job is a pay raise from my last job.  So far, it's been a little hard to be away from Rosalind all the time (well, three days a week), but I'm still her mother, and it's nice to get out and feel useful.  There are some aspects of the job that are a little challenging (but I love a challenge!), and since I'm new, I'm always worried I'm going to overstep somewhere, but today my boss told me "You're doing a great job, you know.  I'm glad I hired you."  Which made me feel awesome.

She is cute.  I like her.

Anyway, because Sam works a few consecutive days up in Midway, we've been spending a lot more time up there.  The past couple of weeks has been Monday through Thursday in Utah Valley, then packing up everything but the kitchen sink (or so it feels) and heading up to Midway for Thursday evening through usually Monday, depending.

Selfie from our hike to the glacial thing last week in Midway

I feel very lucky that we have parents who are willing (and even offered, on both counts) to put us up, but man am I beginning to feel stretched.  I am reeeeeeeally ready to live in our own place again (especially since we have more to go on now than just one part-time job), to have stability, and to actually feel like I have some kind of constancy.  I'm sure you know what I mean.  But we must have PATIENCE!

Sigh.  Story of my life.  I'll keep you posted.