Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I haven't posted in ages (thanks, school and stress).  In the meantime, Blogger decided to change EVERY LITTLE DETAIL in its publishing setup, so if things look weird today, forgive me, I'm (re)learning.

Today I learned that I get more than twice as many hits from Russia than the US.  Which is a little freaky.  Other fun countries that wander (perhaps unknowingly, I hope not regretfully) here include the UK, Australia, Canada, China, Cyprus, Germany, Italy, and Serbia.  That's in order of how many hits.  That's also alphabetical (starting with Australia)...sketchy.

I also learned that Google refers people here based on searches such as "scottish clan tattoos," "practical magic," "sappho pompeii," "the world is our campus," "digeridoo benefits," and "I'm tired of digging holes."  I don't know who would be searching those last two.  Sorry if it was you.

Anyway, even though I haven't posted in weeks (reeahlee-- and if you get that reference you win a prize), today is a rip-off.  All I have for you at the moment is a song slash movie recommendation.  Here it is:

Sam grew up in a place in Texas where apparently there was a substantial Indian community.  Subsequently, he grew up really liking Bollywood movies.  His favorite is one called Om Shanti Om, which he made me watch with him a couple of weeks ago.  Besides the fact that it was really, really long, it was really good.  I enjoyed it.  Mostly it was really funny, and there was a lot of drama mixed in (plus hyjinx, trickery, singing, fire, murder, reincarnation, movie-making, silliness, etc).  It has a really complicated storyline that I'm not going to attempt to explain in entirety, but, for the sake of you understanding the song I'm including here, I can tell you that it's about a struggling actor who's in love with a big star (who he is in love with before he meets her...natch), and such and such.  Basically, in the song, he sneaks into the opening of one of her movies and imagines himself in the scenes with her, getting in the way.  Also interesting is that the different "scenes" in the song are sort of an homage to the different types of Bollywood movies over the years.  So that's why they go from being pirates to playing tennis or badminton or whatever it is in a matter of seconds.  But it's a really fun scene, and I always catch myself singing the song or pretending I know how to dance to it.  EM-barrassing.

So!  Enough explanation.  Just watch and listen, and I promise you I'll have another couple of (more interesting?) posts very soon.  I mean really, you're on tenterhooks waiting to hear about my new car and my new diploma case (diploma pending), I know.

It has Spanish subtitles (maybe that's a bonus for you?), but it's the best sound quality I could find (also the video is about 7 minutes, but the song is only about 5 minutes):


LP said...

I recommend that you see "Lagaan" when you have the chance. (It was nominated for best foreign movie the year it came out -- 2001, I believe.) And "Bride & Prejudice" is a cute Bollywood-ish take on Jane Austen.

katie said...

i've seen om shanti om! i had a roommate who was really into bollywood and i watched it with her one lazy saturday. it's pretty entertaining.