Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Really, You Are Very Dull

You all know this by now: I graduated.  Or rather, I walked across a stage, shook the hand of a man I've never spoken to, accepted an empty diploma case, and waited for the rest of my college to do the same.  Technically I have one class to finish up, and I have until mid-June to do it.

But man, it felt great.

These are my archaeology peeps.  We made it through Field School, Lab, and Senior Thesis together, and now we've graduated together.  The group started with like 20 people, and they dropped like flies after and during every semester...
Love these kids

My parents and Sam's parents all came up and out to help commemorate the walking-across-a-stage.  Sam's parents didn't make it into any pictures, but I'm still happy they came out.
Sam, me, Mom

My Dad couldn't hold still, so here's another picture of him.  Very cute.

They took a picture of me in front of a green screen before I walked.  It says "Proof" across it, which I guess is better proof than my non-existent diploma that I've graduated.
The campus is our world

I'm disappointed at the background options though.  I think I like this better:
Don't ever ask me to do photo editing in Paint for you

Or this.

Out of my way, I'm graduating!
 Yep.  It's a keeper.


LP said...

Hahaha! In the first altered photo, I think the dinosaur on the right is saying, "Go, Shannon!"

Adrien said...

BEST. PICTURES. EVER. especially the last one.

Megan said...

Yesyesyes these are awesome! I laughed muchly.

katie said...

i giggled tremendously at the last picture.

Zach and Kelly said...

I'm still giggling at these pictures. It's a good thing I'm alone in my office, otherwise someone would think I was insane...