Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Blackbeard's Ghost

Gather round, children, and I will tell thee the tale of Blackbeard's Ghost!

Lo, these few weeks ago, a fair lady was docking her vessel when a spoiled young duke in his father's ship slammed into the hull of the fair lady's.  The contents of the lady's ballast spewed forth.  It took nigh unto an hour for the law keepers to arrive, and when they did, they blamed the lady, laughing it up fuzzball with the young duke.

The fair lady was not wealthy, and there was no way for her to sail the seven seas.  Fortunately, the ship was insured by the land of USAA, and they purchased the lady's sunken ship.  She was able to afford another, smaller, vessel...and from thence came BLACKBEARD'S GHOST!!!

Sad face 
In other words, I crashed the truck, it was totaled, so we bought a new one with the insurance settlement.  We named it Blackbeard.  Whoop!
The old-timey filter add to its mystery
PS, Mike if you read this, yes, we can go hike that waterfall now.


LP said...

I like that you named your car. Do you remember seeing the movie "Blackbeard's Ghost"?

Shannon said...

Yep! That's why I suggested the name :)
...Do we still have that on tape?

LP said...

Alas, no. But I think it's now available on dvd.

Rhymskii said...

Um your hubby didn't tell you of Blackbeard's curse on Mazda's lol!!! Ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!! I mean har har har!!!!