Friday, April 6, 2012


Mark is a friend of mine. We went through some stuff together a while ago, and I know he helped me-- I only hope I was able to help him some. I find his courage inspirational (and of course the courage of everyone else in the video). I'm proud to know him, and I'm sympathetic to the struggles people go through. They should know that they are not alone, by any means. This video brought tears to my eyes.

Also, it's been snowing almost non-stop all day. We've had a 50-degree drop in temperature in the past two days.
The semester is almost over. Hang in there (although maybe I'm talking to myself).


LP said...

Thanks for sharing this. I'm glad to see positive changes being made at BYU.

Megan said...

Me too. I watched this yesterday, soI don't remember... Which one is Mark? Is he the one in the title picture for the video?

Shannon said...

He's the one it starts with, the one against the chalkboard or whatever that is