Saturday, March 31, 2012

Toy and Where I Relax

I don't really have any toys, but Brozhy does. He has this weird feather bug thing we got him that he throws around like a shuttlecock. He sometimes carries it around in his mouth so he can play with it near where we are.
Where I relax is typically the bedroom. I don't think our couches are very comfortable, and anyway, with the new arrangement, we get more sunshine, and I really like it.
Since Mom mentioned it, the picture of Brozhy is of him playing with his toy mouse (which he treats the same as his weird feather bug thing I mentioned earlier). But since you can't really see it and maybe you feel cheated, here's this video:

And as even more of an added bonus, this is what I walked into the bedroom and saw just now:
Brozhy likes to rearrange the bed to his liking. He moves the pillows and pulls down the blanket. Crazy cat.


LP said...

I can't see the toy! Or is Brozhy your toy?

Megan said...

Thou hast rearranged thy room! And don't try to tell me Brozhy did it. Although I think it's funny that he rearranges the bedding. The quilt sounds familiar but looks unfamiliar. Where did you get it?

Shannon said...

The quilt was a wedding present from a family friend of Sam's. She made it. I guess she makes quilts for a living?