Thursday, March 22, 2012

Everything But

Today's picture is the kitchen sink, which you will see here shortly (and which disgusts me to look at it...please don't judge). I also wanted to share what we did for dinner tonight since I enjoyed it so much. We grabbed a pizza after class this evening, and since it was still warm, we went up to Rock Canyon Park and ate outside. It was beautiful and I loved being outside. Also, Sam is going to regret trying for the creepiest face possible. Serves him right.


LP said...

I want to do something like that! What a fun and spontaneous thing to do! Unless it wasn't spontaneous. Did you plan it? Was it actually fun? Were insects involved? Maybe I don't want to do something like that.

Shannon said...

You *do* want to do something like that. It was indeed spontaneous and unplanned, and it was actually fun. It was nice to be somewhere quiet and listen to the birds and watch people fly radioflyers. There were no bugs until right before we left when a couple of little buzzy flies started bothering me. But we were leaving anyway, so fiddle-dee-dee.