Monday, March 12, 2012

Someone I Talked To and a Fork

I seriously didn't leave the house yesterday except for church and didn't talk to anyone except Sam and Brozhy and a woman who gave me a recipe for taco soup-- and I wasn't about to ask her to pose for a picture while she was handing me the paper. So both pictures are from today.

I talked to both Brozhy and the horse when I took the cat to the vet, so that counts. We didn't get the best care today, but maybe it was because they had an emergency hit-by-a-car surgery on a dog and a guinea pig euthanasia to do. Glad Brozhy's not in that bad of shape!

And the fork... We just need to do the dishes. Gross.

Also, can I just add how awesome it is the effect cats have on guys who proclaim to hate cats? Both Sam and my Dad fall into this category, and I've often heard both of them talking to their cats high-pitched voices. It's awesome.

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LP said...

I hope Brozhy gets better soon. I'm not sure what I think about animals counting as "someone", though.