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This blog isn't really about any one thing in particular.  That's probably why nobody reads it (but that's okay guys!)  Recently some changes have come around these parts.  I realize most of these are obvious (pretty new header!  New URL!), but did you notice I did an "About Me" page?  For those who don't know me, or think you do...check it.  Anyway, even though I don't really blog about anything in particular besides what bugs me and what interests me and what I think is cool, probably the one thing I have blogged about fairly consistently is stuff having to do with Keane.  Like I did here and here and here and here and here and here and here.  Phew.
Album Numero Quatro
Keane had a new album come out a couple of weeks ago, and I got it for my birthday.  The album was described by the cashier at the store as having "...perfect balance.  Rarely do albums have perfect balance, but this one does."  I don't know if that's mixing or sound quality or type of song, or whatever.  What I do know is that is quite a good album.  Hereforth and forthwith, what I thought:

1. You Are Young: This is a great start to the rest of the album.  It's about being young (like a child) and trying not to worry about things, because you have your parents' love and protection for now (at least, that's the message I got).  [I like it]

2. Silenced By the Night: Catchy.  This is their single for the album and I love singing along to it.  [I like it]

3. Disconnected: I love this one.  It's an upbeat things-have-gone-wrong song, and the music video is delightfully creepy, styled after sort of a soap horror film (is that a genre?).  [I like it]

4. Watch How You Go: Hm...It kind of reminds me of a boring Beatles song.  For some reason that's the best way I can think of to describe it.  I'm not too turned off though, because you can't love every song on an album.  Well, yes you can.  Whatever.  Anyway, the lyrics are kind of nice, sort of a you-left-me-goodbye-take-care-of-yourself type of thing.  [I didn't like it]

5. Sovereign Light Cafe:They used this as the soundtrack for the album trailer a few months ago (which you should watch).  It's as fun as it was teased to be.  The lyrics tell the tale of a reminiscence to times when things were different, but it's not dredged in wishing they were still that way. [I like it]

6. On the Road: Upbeat and optimistic, this song is pretty fun to sing along to, especially if you need some uplifting.  That's sounds cheesey, but really. [I mostly like it]

7. The Starting Line: At this point I was starting to think that some people might see this album as kind of "cutesy" because of the more-present piano and mallet bells, but really, it's supposed to be a little happier I guess.  The lyrics for this one also speak of better days ahead, as far as I can tell.  Overall, probably not my favorite song though. [I didn't like it]

8. Black Rain:My very favorite of the mellower songs on the album (so honestly...maybe the most favorite).  It has more of the heavy electronics present in Under the Iron Sea that I loved so much, with the ambiance of Hopes and Fears.  I just like it a lot. [I like it...as I said]

9. Neon River:I like this one too.  Happy and stuff.  Just listen. [I like it]

10. Day Will Come:More electronic-y.  It didn't really captivate me, but it has the promise to grow on me, really. [I might like it more later]

11. In Your Own Time: The verses are nothing special in this song, but I like the chorus a lot, really! [I mostly like it]

12. Sea Fog: A calm end to the album, I bet you could fall asleep to this one if you were relaxed enough.  I appreciate that the music sort of sounds like what the lyrics are describing...if you know what I mean. [I like it]

Overall, I'd say the album was kind of a throwback to their original style, but it has matured, and is clearly more optimistic in feel.  They know more about what their direction is, I think, and with all the experience and experimentation under their collective belt, they're able to produce a better sound then they originally had.  And I think it was a great idea for them to hire on a full-time bassist.  As a whole, the album isn't as fun as Perfect Symmetry, or as emotional as Under the Iron Sea, it just is.  But it's great.  And I bet I'll listen to my favorites loads more before their concert in Salt Lake next month (oh by the way, yeah, that's happening.  And I couldn't be more stoked!)
Jesse, bass; Tom, lead voice & acoustic guitar; Tim, lyrics & piano & synth; Rich, drums & percussion

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LP said...

I've never seen The Shining, but I've seen clips from it, and parts of that Disconnected video reminded me of it. Kind of funny in a creepy way. (Note to people in horror movies: have you not learned yet that walking backwards is always a bad idea?)

I also watched the video for Silenced by the Night, and someone's lyrics video (which was chock full o' errors) for Sovereign Light Café, but that's all I had time for at present. I rather like Sovereign Light Café.

Which reminds me, are you ever going to make that cd for me?