Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Last night was the much anticipated Keane concert (finally!) and let me tell you, it was AMAZING. There really isn't another word for it. Everything I love about Keane is like ten times better live. Well, maybe. But you know what I mean; Tom Chaplin is the kind of singer that can sing in tune even out of a recording studio, and the rest of the band was great the whole time too. And I took pictures! And video!
Helio Sequence (who are they?) and Matt Kearney opened for them (this is the latter)
Waiting for Keane
At last!!!
Tom's acoustic version of "Your Eyes Open" (sorry the beginning is cut off, I didn't know what he'd be playing)

"You Haven't Told Me Anything" (Beginning cut off again, sorry, but just the instrumental part at the very beginning)

I'm so glad this was my first concert. I sang for every song except one-- the whole two hours. I was pretty hoarse afterward but it was soooo worth it. So worth it. And Adrien had fun too! Aside from the cat puppet I got when I turned 6, this is quite possibly the best birthday present I've ever received.


LP said...

tres kul! I'm glad you had a great time.

Jared and Megan said...

I'm glad you guys enjoyed yourselves! I'll have to watch the video tomorrow when the choldisses are awake.

Zach and Kelly said...

Lucky you! Looks like it was a lot of fun!