Friday, May 1, 2009

My Name is...

Some pretty interesting names come up sometimes at work. One in particular was that of Richard Alpert, who (for you LOST fans) apparently spends some time proctoring part-time in a rural Colorado town when he isn't being mysterious on the Island.
Jacquolyne Ploof
Linda Snodgrass
Waymon Stallcup
Lol Smith
Gunnhildur Gudbjornsdottir
Catherine Mumper
Dorcas Powell
Heather Peebles
Matt Boring
Loan Ly

1 comment:

LP said...

How does Lol Smith pronounce his/her name?

btw I love the name tag you included. And also btw, my word verification is 'semaigag', which I first read as 'semigag'.