Saturday, May 30, 2009

Oh Baby

Okay, three things having to do with babies. No point in you asking what brought on the whole baby thing because I'm not really sure. It involved looking at blogs of people I don't know. First of all, I'd like to announce to you all that Jude Law and I have had a baby. Yes we're married, thank you. And yes, he does look like an alien sometimes, we're not sure what side of the family that's from. (I also tried a baby with ZQ but he looked even creepier)
Create Your OwnMake a Routan Baby

Also, this is really cute, so you should watch it:

And finally, looking at these baby things made me remember how cute my own neice and nephew are, and how greatful I am to have them (do I have them? They are my neice and nephew, but I didn't do any of the actual "having"...)
Those pictures are from Crepe Day back on Feb 2, so they're pretty old, but still cute. P.S. if someone has a scanner I can ever use let me know so I don't have to take pictures of prints so there's no glare-worms crossing children's faces and stuff...


LP said...

That video: it took place in the dinning room? Must be a noisy place. Also, what a strange video, because it looks like the kid is so very busy but nothing gets done! Oh, well, I guess that could be one definition of childhood. All the results are internal.

btw, you have a very cute niece and nephew. (I like how you spell niece the way Jane Austen did: neice.)

Jared and Megan said...

haha I loved the video.
also, there's a scanner at our house, silly!
plus, I thought I was going to get to see the baby of zq and jl!

Shannon said...

didn't you see the thing of phylo zippy? maybe it doesn't load on your computer for some reason.
also, remember how we tried to scan that document thingy back in april and it didn't work? i thought it was still broken. tis fixed?

Gary said...

Phylo Zippy worked fine on my computer. Weird, but entertaining.
The baby flopping around for 3 minutes is very cute, and I like the song that accompanies it. Hey I liked 3 out 3 songs on today's blog! Do I win?