Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Philophile Files

The blog has a new look!  It also has a new name.  I'm still kicking the name around like a tin can in the front yard, but so far this one seems to be the one.

But, before I commit, I need input!  Does it sound totally pretentious?  Is it stupid?  Too generic?  Are there too many "ffff"s in it?  Does it make you think I like philosophy (I'm neither here nor there, but I can tell you Plato is a bore)?  Should I kick the subtitle?

Eventually, the title will be reflected in a new url (but the blog will remain the same!).  I will keep you posted on that, once the title is solidified.

Oh, and feel free to make suggestions if you have any.  I'm open!
Or does it make you think of falafel?


Megan said...

No, it doesn't sound too pretentious. No, it doesn't sound too stupid or generic. I think the "f" sounds make it more catchy, and since you seem to want to generate more traffic, that's definitely a good thing. I feel like I've heard of a blog by this name, though, if that means anything to you. I think the subtitle is modern and catchy. It's definitely "the thing", but I think it would be fine if it was gone, too.

Anywar, that said, I like it.

LP said...

I like it. And I like the new look, too. I also like the subtitle. I wasn't sure about the title when you were telling me about it earlier, but seeing it all put together, it works.

The Couch Potato said...

I did have to read it like three times to figure out what in the world that word was, but that's probably on me.