Monday, May 14, 2012

Cream Puff Filling

The bloggy-blog is back up!  This is somewhat of a filler post, but I have (hopefully) better ones in the works, so bear with me.  This is mostly to direct you to the new URL anyway ;)


Why does "Muskrat Love" by America keep shuffling up on my iPod?  Like at least twice a day.  And no, if I listen to it, it doesn't go away, because I've tried that.

Why do people think that dirt bikes are appropriate commuter transportation?  They are seriously the loudest vehicles known to mankind, and half of them have only half of a broken license plate (if any).  How is that legal?

Why does a little cafe that used to be awesome now think it's okay to sell me orange Fanta under the guise of it being Orange Crush?  Probably because now it's run by scrawny college hipsters instead of awesome Polynesian men.  They also no longer have seasoned fries.  Sad day.

Why does the museum where I work have furniture that is all-metal and so old it could've belonged to Harry S Truman and increases my proclivity for bumping my shins and medial malleoli and whatnot?  I have enough bruises, thank you.

Why does the BBC Sherlock music keep ripping off Hans Zimmer???  (No, I haven't watched the second season yet, but it's on my to-do list!)

And why have you not watched this hilarious gem yet?  A thousand pardons if you have.  (Aviso: Some language.  Don't complain since I told you so.)

RIP Maurice Sendak!


LP said...

The answer to all but one of your questions is "because you're in Utah".

btw, you have two #4 books in your "Books I'm Reading in 2012" box. So you're farther ahead than you thought!

LP said...

Oh, and your link to the medial malleoli goes back to shannonshoes and is therefore nonexistent.