Saturday, April 11, 2009


Today I found someone had finally put up some really old Keane songs up on Youtube. I'm talking pre-Tom Chaplin here (well, I guess these 3 songs are after Tom joined the band playing guitar, but before original vocalist & bassist Dominic Scott left). Back when they had just changed their name to Keane from The Lotus Eaters. It was like discovering a whole new band. It's definitely more guitar-oriented, and the drum sound is different too. Here're a couple songs:

So. What do you think?


Zach and Kelly said...

Hmmm.... it's okay, but so much of what makes Keane awesome is their amazing pianist.

LP said...

I like the current Keane better. Kind of reminds me of the difference in Fleetwood Mac pre- and post-Buckingham/Nicks. Sometimes you get it right from the beginning, and sometimes you just gotta wait for the right elements to come along.

Jared and Megan said...

Interesante! I almost really like '1925'. It might grow on me. But yeah, I agree with the other comments.