Sunday, April 12, 2009

Old Poetry

Yesterday I found these two old poems I wrote in my Creative Writing class in High School. I'm not so great at poetry in general, but these are two of my better ones, and I thought they were kind of fun. The first is based off the painting "The Walk" by Marc Chagall...
...and the second I think was based off a Native-American-style painting by a guy whose last name was Lomahaftewa, but I misinterpreted it as the title of the picture.

The Walk (9/11/06)

My dear, this is quite unconventional
It’s difficult to see you up there.
This smile on my face is a guise—
I’ve had better than this kind of walk.

With my head by your feet it’s harder to talk
As you float like balloons in the skies.
I feel I may lift soon, like you, to the air
But that would be all but intentional.

Rainbow Maker (2/27/07)

Lomahaftewa, the miracle man
Changing the sky
With a bow in his hand
His head in the sky
And his feet on the land.

Looking around with a light in his eye
He raises his arms
And his bow to the sky
Pulling the bowstring
He aims very high.

Lomahaftewa aims for the mark
Releases an arrow
That soars like a lark
Trailing behind it
A colorful arc.

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LP said...

I like these!