Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I just wanted to throw this out there. I know you already hear enough about Keane from me as it is :)

A bit ago, Tom Chaplin performed the song "It's a Hard Life" with Queen. I think it's great when people collaborate. But that's not what I like about this (because, to me, the song is just o.k.). It was Tom's dream (one of them, I'm sure) to sing this song on stage with Queen, and he finally got to! I think it's great when people work to the point where they can fulfill even their craziest dreams. You can probably get away with just watching the first two minutes.
Side note: apparently a lot of people commented on this about how loud his voice was. When Tom Chaplin originally joined Keane, his friend/the drummer Richard Hughes objected, later saying "The idea of giving someone who's already the loudest person you know a microphone was not something that I was particularly keen on." I think that's funny.

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LP said...

You're right, the song is okay. I didn't think his voice was extraordinarily loud, but I wonder if he's loud when he's just conversing with his mates. Anyway, yay for fulfilling your dreams!