Saturday, February 25, 2012

Deck the Halls

Today Sam and I worked on a project with the end result of having nice-looking and/or interesting hall walls. I'm happy with the results.

First, on the wall by the living room, we put up a collage of sorts of wedding photographs, plus an awesome canvas thing Adrien made for us. The quote thing is from the song we danced to at the reception.

Second, in the back hallway, we put up a pinboard map so we can pin places we've been/lived separately and together, as well as places we want to go together (mostly because I felt dumb because Sam had twice as many pins as me so I wanted to fill the map more). The board was a wood pulp board that came in a gigantic sheet that we got for $10 at Lowes. I'm glad we thought to check there, because we were really close to spending $50 on a scrawny little rolled-up cork board. Anyway, we cut it to size (lots leftover), nailed it to the wall, stapled the map to the board, and pinned the pins!
In case you're curious, blue is where I've been, yellow and orange are where Sam has been, green is where we've been together, and pink and purple are where we'd like to go. I'm excited to have the map not only because I love maps and I love looking at maps, but also because I like the idea of having a visual marker of where we've been and where we're going. Because one way or another, we'll get to all those places we want to go.


LP said...

I really like how the photos look. Great job! And I love the idea of the map. I'm curious why there aren't more blue pins, like all those places back east you went to (recently and in the 8th grade), and the national parks etc in the west, and all the California cities you've stayed in while visiting family and friends. How are you counting where you've been?

Shannon said...

We're counting the in-USA ones as places we lived, unless it's a trip we took together. Because we've both been to like a million states. Outside the USA it's fair game. I try only to have one pin per country unless it was different trips or, in Sam's case (in Turkey) the places were really far apart. Mostly we don't have enough pins so we're trying to be judicious.

Jared and Megan said...

Buy moar pins!

I like this. This is very similar to what I want to do in the loft above the bed... And so I'm pleased to know about the cork sheet from Lowes for $10!

The framed photo collage and the map look excellent. Me gusta.