Monday, February 13, 2012


Blue: This is kind of a cheating post today. I really wanted to show some pictures from the Tabernacle excavation, and so there's more than one picture here. However, every picture has something blue in it. So we're good!
One of the first non-nail, non-glass artifacts I've found! It's a huge ceramic piece of something that I think looks like a hockey puck. We all know what they were really doing in the basement of the tabernacle...
Part of the west wall, also showing the cellar outline where we're focusing right now. The roundish rock-looking-thing sort of to the left of the blue tape is a plaster pillar base in the cellar.
View from above the wall looking northeast after most of the site was covered with tarps at the end of the day.
The old tabernacle site in relation to the middle-aged tabernacle (which partially burned down last year, as you know) looking south.


LP said...

This is awesome! I'm a little jealous.

Jared and Megan said...

The inside scoop!! hehe

Thanks for posting these, I was very curious.