Friday, February 27, 2009

Something Fun

Yesterday Adrien and I somehow started watching videos of obsessed girls' "Top ten hottest celeb guys" and whatnot. I cannot express to you how funny/embarrassing it was to watch them. They normally consisted of Disney Channel people and Twilight people. Anyway, so Adrien and I decided to make our own. We stayed up until nearly 3 this morning making them, with revisions this morning too.
Anyway, we got them up on Youtube and they are by far the funniest things out there.
I decided to pick not really the top 10 celeb guys but 10 of the celebrity crushes I've had over the years. I started with who I liked when I was like...7? and went to present day.

Anyway, here's mine:

And here's Adrien's. I'm not sure if she was planning on sharing hers, but now she has no choice :) (Adrien, let me know if you'd rather put it on your own blog or whatever)

Also, my first semester of college I had a stalker. Incidentally, so did a girl in 2 of my classes, and it was the same one. Anyway, we became friends (the girl, not the stalker) and this morning she called me to tell me she saw him and that he was just as weird as ever. It was pretty funny. We call him "Creepy McCreep-Creep" and I think it's hilarious we still report Creepy McCreep-Creep sightings, even now that I'm three states away.


Jared and Megan said...

as long as Creepy McCreep-Creep doesn't own a ladder, a DIY-break-through-any-window kit and a pair of scissors to cut off little souvenirs with, it's all good.

Jared and Megan said...

oh btw... youse guyses videos made me laugh... a lot.

LP said...

those vids r hillarois!!1! thx 4 sharing! and i <3 yr hottiez

eric and adrien said...

i love too tuff.
and i'm glad you were able to get your video to have a picture instead of just a video camera symbol...
hahaha i love them