Friday, February 13, 2009

J Dawgs

Today I accompanied my friend Autumn to J Dawgs just south of the BYU campus in Provo. I don't normally like hot dogs, but this place's fare is so much better than the average limp thing one normally calls a hot dog. Aside from the slightly ridiculous name of the food, the place is definitely worth going to.
J Dawgs is a little red shack on the corner of 900 North and 700 East with outdoor seating. The play music out over the tables and chairs so as to create a bit of atmosphere. Today they played a bit of Bobs Dylan and Marley.
The Dawgs are about 8 inches long, incredibly plump (but chopped a little so you don't have to work to get a bite), and served in a thick and yummy, almost flakey bun. Though the menu is rather limited (option of Polish or Beef with a number of toppings), it's friendly to the student budget (I paid $4 total for my Dawg and a drink), so you get your money's worth. I got a Beef Dawg with ketchup and dijon mustard. Autumn got a Polish Dawg with the "Special Sauce," which is just a sweet sort of barbecue sauce. Normally I hate barbecue sauce, but I tried this "special" stuff, and it was good enough to make me want to get some on my Dawg next time I go.

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LP said...

I'm not a big fan of hot dogs either, but those look tasty enough to try next time I'm there.