Friday, February 27, 2009

Rocky Mountain Drive-Inn

Last night after institute my car died. It had to be jumped three times before Grandpa (& Grandma and Lincoln, whose parents are in Hawaii, where I wish I was) got it and me to the autoshop today to get the battery checked out. It turns out I didn't need a new battery (phew, saved like $80) but just a new...connectorjiggy. Yeah. It was all corroded and snapped when Grandpa tried to take the screw off to get the battery out.
Anyway, after the couple of hours messing around with the car and everything was fixed, we drove the few blocks over to Rocky Mountain Drive-Inn at 43 South 500 West in Provo. Don't ask me why it's "Inn," maybe they originally intended to have an adjacent hotel or something.

(Picture to come....possibly)

I was a little concerned as we walked in because everything looked sticky and broken and the menu was faded and peeling. But both my elder companions (Lincoln didn't have much to say in the matter) assured me the food was fantastic 15 years ago. I ordered an Oreo milkshake and a grilled cheese sandwhich, falling back on something I knew I'd like just in case. Grandpa got the chicken sandwich and fries and Grandma and Lincoln got burgers. There was also a chocolate milkshake without specific ownership.
The milkshake was very thick. It was more like soft ice cream. It stuck above the cup a couple of inches, not unlike the great shakes at the Malt Shop (also in Provo, maybe someday I'll do a review of it). When the food came, I loved that it was simply wrapped in yellow paper. Oh, and my sandwich was almost heaven (though not as good as Sammy's!). Maybe it was the contrast from the cold, sweet shake, but it was warm and cheesy (American) and delicious and gone quite too soon.
An interesting thing about this place is that they have a few unusual items on the menu-- like scones with honey butter and English chips. I wish I could've tried the chips, I love chips. Rest assured, they had battered fish too. I didn't try it, but if you base everything off of the fact that we all enjoyed our food immensely, I reckon that if you're ever craving fish and chips, you could go here for a good fix.
Prices were fairly reasonable; all our food totalled under $20 (but only just). I'd say with a little cleaning and modernizing of the interior, that place could be a lot more popular. Of course, it's probably a lot more popular at times other than 4 in the afternoon in the middle of winter.

In other news, does anyone know anything about Tibetan or Mongolian (or thereabouts) folklore? I'm not educated enough to know whether or not that's what this is, but I'm curious whether there is any reference in this amazing but very strange music video:
"Wanderlust" by Bjork, remixed by Ratatat.

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