Thursday, February 12, 2009

Going Home

This past week was one of the best weeks I've ever had. Last Wednesday night Megan, Adrien, me, Nathan, and Rylie made our very long way back home to Fallbrook. I had a great time. Thursday we (the girls + Nathan) went to lunch at Ruby's on the pier in Oceanside. It was windy and we met lots of pelicans.
Friday Adrien, Megan, and I went down to my favorite beach in Leucadia/Encinitas. When we got back Adrien, Ian, and I went bike riding.
Saturday I spent the day with Michaela and then the family went to Olive Garden for dinner (I don't have pictures of that).
Sunday after church I drove up to Long Beach and went to Sunday school at my old ward, El Dorado, and suprisingly, most people in the ward weren't even aware that I'd moved...not too suprising though, since I didn't really tell anyone. Afterwards I took Kevin over to Robert's parents' house to hang out with them and Justina.
Monday we went to the zoo. It rained.
Tuesday was sort of a packing and tying-up-loose-ends day, and Wednesday we left. I got back to my lovely warm and particularly well-made (thanks roomies! I think...haha) bed and slept until late this morning.
The trip had a lot of eating, a lot of being outside (especially bike-riding), and a lot of raining (which I loved).
Now if you'll excuse me, somebody left cookies on the doorstep and I have to go eat them.

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LP said...

I thought it was a great week too! (except for when I was sick.)