Thursday, October 8, 2009


Today I went and saw a matinee by myself. I saw White on Rice, a weird independent(?) film that was in town for a while.


Today was the last day it was showing in Provo and I read about it somewhere and went to see it. Everyone was in class or at work like most normal people are at noon on a Thursday, so I went alone. I was actually the only one in the entire theatre. What bothered me was that the movie was playing when I got there. It didn't bother me that it had already started because I was a few minutes late anyway, but since I was the only one in the theatre, that must've meant they were planning to show the film whether or not anyone was there. That bothers me. I'm sure Cinemark is wasting a lot of electricity by playing a film when no one is watching it. Anyway, the movie has moved out of Utah now, so I can't recommend it if you live in the area, but if you don't, check the website and see if it's coming to you. I do recommend seeing it, but only at a matinee. It was a good show and had quite a bit of comedy, but it was just a little too awkward at times. Maybe it's a better show when you have some company or don't have a headache (which I did)...
Anyway, in other news, I randomly found this song and happened to like enough to take the time to download it for free on the band's website (there's a link in the description of the video if you're interested).

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