Friday, October 16, 2009

Having Fun

You know how kids are lean and scrawny because they run around all the time? (Well, besides those whose parents buy them video game consoles) Well, it's because they're having fun. Remember the days when you didn't want to come inside when you were called in for dinner as the sun was setting on another beautiful day involving running all over the yard and maybe even down the street to the huge open fields? Even if you don't, you can learn something from all of this-- fun is good exercise! Remember my post on the Tumble Gym? I went again last week and woke up sore the next morning, and I don't remember doing anything that wasn't fun, meaning the fun is what made me sore (okay, I'm stretching a bit here, but I'm trying to make a point, mkay?).
The other day Adrien and I discovered this type of "dancing" that, when we tried to learn it, put us out of breath but also made us anxious to try more because it was fun.
In Sweden they did this test to see if they could get more people in the subway/metro/whatever to use the stairs by making them more fun. And it worked! Watch the video:

So getting more exercise doesn't have to be a chore. Find a way to make it more fun. Go to the rock wall place (definitely gets your heart rate up, especially if you're afraid of heights like me), go to the tumble gym, make up challenges like "how many jumping jacks can I do during the course of this song?," or learn a jumpstyle dance! You'll feel a lot better, I can assure you.


LP said...

How bizarre and what a coincidence! I just read an article yesterday about some guy who weighted like 300 lbs in high school and never liked pe, but then he started getting active afterwards and he lost all this weight and now teaches fitness classes. his big message was making pe fun for kids so they'll want to do it.

Shannon said...

what did he do to make it fun for the kids?

Jared and Megan said...

awesome! I wonder how much it costs to do/maintain, though... otherwise I'd say just do it everywhere!

Love it. Seriously.

LP said...

Shannon - I don't remember. It didn't sound fun to me.