Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm Basically Famous

About a week ago I sent in a question with a couple pictures to Apartment Therapy (since I recently learned how to do a screen shot-- so simple, so awesome!!! I'm easily amused...) about the headboard in Across the Universe, which I think is a beautiful piece of carpentry and would love to have grace my future perfect bedroom.
Anyway, tonight the editor/s decided to post my question! Hopefully I will get some response from this.
In somewhat related news, over the summer when Mom and Adrien and I went shopping in Salt Lake (and didn't buy anything...) we passed this wonderful apartment building that looked like it was falling to bits, but I of course loved. I took a couple of grainy pictures with my phone:

What is wrong with me? Why do I find such dilapidated buildings so beautiful?


LP said...

Shannon! You're basically famous! I think the reason you like dilapidated buildings is because a) you're nostalgic, and b) you like to see the possibilities in otherwise undesirable situations.

Jared and Megan said...

Do you find the dilapidated buildings beautiful because they're dilapidated or because they have unique and interesting architecture and character? Or, perhaps, both?

I looked at AT and saw your question. I was impressed that more than one person thought you could do it yourself. They must be a more handy bunch than I thought! Of course, this made me think that if you had a little help, you could totally do it, too.

also, my word is 'unres'. That makes me think of unrest. And that makes me feel restless.

Shannon said...

I find them beautiful for both reasons. Also, I think the person that said it looked like a plantation sunburst shutter was most accurate, so maybe when I eventually get my own place (& bed) I can just get one of those and paint it black. or something. I still haven't decided if I like it better than a metal bed frame.

Lindsay said...

I'm the same with old buildings. My dream is to purchase an old house, renovate it, and add an eclectic mix of furniture and decorations. I just need a million dollars!

Shannon said...

exactly! and better yet, converting an old building into a house would be fun too... like an old firehouse or post office or something, I don't know.