Sunday, October 18, 2009


When I say "Boo" I'm not really talking about Halloween stuff because I don't really have anything Halloween-related going on right now (though there's a party at the Hughes' I might go to the day before and a movie at Jared & Megan's Halloween night, which I'm excited about). I sort of want to make Kleenex ghosts to hang around the house, but I don't have any Kleenex,
That's really the sort of "boo" I mean to talk about right now, so this might be a little complain-y for you. Feel free to not read on.
I curled my hair today. It was frizzy and creepy so I put it in a ponytail. That made me feel like a 50s librarian. Or maybe like I needed to be wearing a poodle skirt.

Yes, I did just take this picture as I was sitting here typing this.
Actually that doesn't look too bad, at least not from this angle. I guess I'm too hard on myself sometimes. Well anyway.

My grilled cheese sandwich stuck to the pan, which has never happened to me before...maybe it was the pan? Though I'm pretty sure I've used that pan to make grilled cheese Anyway, it made it taste all nasty and tore holes in it. But I'll have you know I ate it anyway. So there.

I didn't babysit this past week because the grandma/mom was in town, and you all know how grandmas are, they love their grandkids enough to babysit so the babysitter doesn't have to. For me this meant not only that I didn't have to wake up before the sun rises over the mountains and brings light and life to the valley, but also that I didn't get my $30 in spending money this week. But my habits didn't change, and the bills came early (or late?) so I have no money (though I did save enough cash to be able to buy a few necessities at the grocery store this coming week, thank goodness for my moderate foresight), and I'm having a craving to make many tasty and delicious things but I can't pay for the ingredients! I am so very, very sad :(
Luckily, Mom's coming to town on Thursday so maybe I can get her to pay for some superfluous groceries if I make tasty things for her to eat!

Madraste? Will you?

P.S. I posted a recipe for cheesecake on my other blog.


LP said...

If it's tasty and delicious, then okay. PS - you are too hard on yourself. And you probably will be until you're at least 50. Knowing this, don't you think you should get an early start on going easier on yourself?

LP said...

Oh, my word was 'mitions', which I guess are what the three little kitions lost.

Shannon said...

hahaha mitions...

Jared and Megan said...

lol mitions and kitions. mom.
I liked your hair. I like it here, also. If you ever want something tasty you can pay slightly less (?) and drive down to my house. We'll make scones or coffee cake or omelets or crepes or something! Then you can just pay for gas.

p.s. I hate having a cold. Especially when I sneeze and no one is there to say "bless you". So I just mutter "bless me" to myself. I don't think I just sneezed my spirit out to be taken by devils, I just need it to be said.

Shannon said...

thanks for the offer! coffee cake and omelets still sounds really good...we'll have to try again sometime (though those omelets were pretty tasty alone...)

maybe you should record yourself saying "bless you" (or someone else) and then play it back when you sneeze alone so you feel better.