Monday, September 1, 2008

Eels In Snakes' Clothing

Since the death of Ruth, we have obtained another long-tailed grass lizard. His name is Loci, not because he is the set or configuration of all points whose coordinates satisfy a single equation or one or more algebraic conditions, but because he's crazy. As in "loco." Anyway, he and Smee get along a lot better than Ruth and Smee did (seeing as Smee starved Ruth to death in a matter of a couple of weeks and Loci has been around for a few months now). Justina rigged up my desklamp in such a way that we can give the lizards some extra "sun" for a few hours in the morning. They like this very much, and crowd to the corner where the light is brightest and sit on their little popsicle-stick deck.
Here is Smee exerting his dominance over Loci:
Here is what they do when someone gets too close to the glass:


I was restless. And when I'm restless I organize, decorate, clean, etc. It's very strange. So when I got back to Long Beach, I redecorated the bathroom. I'm actually pretty proud of myself. I did everything myself (research, purchasing, putting together, mounting, etc). Justina did provide $10 for the project and Kevin put up the towel rack while I put up the shelf so it would be done faster. Then the shelf was crooked so we had to remount it, so he ended up putting up that one too, but still. He also (because he's stronger than me) put the tension rod shelf jig up. But everything else I did by myself, so I'm very proud of the outcome. I have to say though, I was too lazy to hem the shower curtain...

And here are some pictures since the video isn't the best quality.

Price breakdown if you're interested: (rounded to the nearest dollar)
shower shelf~ $15
rug~ $13
curtain~$12 (+$1 for the liner+$5 for the curtain clips)
towel thing~$5


adrien & eric said...

that's a really cute shower curtain! where is it from? paris and sydney say hello and that they want to eat your lizards.

Shannie said...

it's from ikea. it's just fabric with a $1 plastic liner.
turns out it's cheaper to get 2 yards of fabric than spend $8 million on an actual curtain. and it isn't tacky either.
smee and loci say hello and that they want to eat your cats.

jared & megan said...

a pox on the phony king of england! I love the pink tile with the blue... excellent job.

Janeite42 said...

Most impressive! When I'm ready to decorate my room in Vintage Tropical, I'll have you help me.