Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hippo Birdie Two Ewes

Monday was Kevin's 20th birthday.

He had class from 9am-9pm, so in order to try and make it a better day for him I secretly planned a gathering of his friends (only the ones I'm friends with too since I don't want the other ones at my house) to meet at 10 (that's when they all could make it-- sad) and throw him a suprise dessert shin-dig. It worked. The lights were off when we arrived (we'd been hanging out at his place watching Mystery Diagnosis) and Kevin was reluctant to go in because he knew Justina and Robert were home and didn't want to walk in on a fiance makeout session (so he said). I pushed him in, the lights flew on and everybody said "Happy Birthday!" Kevin just said "Oh" and grinned.

Then we had pie and soy ice cream (he's lactose intolerant now if you didn't know)

and he opened his 2 presents (one from me and one from Justina and Robert)-- a watch and August Rush. He had a good time and was pleasantly suprised.
He was also a very good sport when I told him I wanted to put all 8 party hats on his head.

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Janeite42 said...

It looks like the hair of an anime character. Probably an alien one.