Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ridiculous Thoughts

People do kind of ridiculous things in college.  Like dress as Pacman and wander all over campus.  Or light couches on fire in the backyard.  Or crawl through flooded underground tunnels.  Or have impromptu dance parties to a certain Men Without Hats song in the library at 2am (school sanctioned, don't you fret).

This picture is irrelevant.  But it's funny.
Anyway.  I didn't do half of those things (although I was friends with the unfortunate furniture).  But when songs by Chromeo or Calvin Harris or whoever randomly shuffle up when I'm jammin' (imagine awesome head bobs while I sit in the car or on my computer looking at endless pages of boring things), I am reminded of the bizarre weekend mobile dance parties our neighbors and we used to do.  Granted, I think I only went with them two or three times and they did it nearly every weekend (16 degree weather in the middle of the night has nothing on a bunch of sweaty, over-hyped 20-somethings).

There was a boombox powered by an mp3 player.  There was a lot of fluorescent spandex.  There were wigs.  Hats.  Weird sunglasses. Once even a pretty good impersonation of the Careless Whisper Saxophone Guy.  In a frozen yogurt place.  Awkward.  And a lot of electrofunk.  We'd just wander around the most populated part of Provo south of campus and see if we could get people to dance with us, or just let us into their apartments to give them a little pep.

Most people hated it.  Usually all the guys we came across.  Party poopers.

I'm sure it was really annoying.  I probably only loved it because I was with my friends and dancing around and hoping that no one I knew would see me.  And it was good exercise?

But was probably dumb.  We had dirty diapers thrown at us.  Sketchy girls would proclaim their desire to marry and/or have the babies of certain guys in our group.  And grumpy people would tell us to shut up, go home, get out of their apartment (but your roommate said...), yada yada yada.  At the time though, I could not think of a better way to have fun.

What's the point of this?  No idea.  I guess I have this unquenchable curiosity now...were we the only ones?  I know my neighborhood was crazy, but there has to be others out there that did things as a single or college-age or whatever type of person that were ridiculous...?


Somewhere there is a picture of me wearing leather pants for this thing.  I can't find it.  Instead, a gif that makes me laugh:


Caity Cummings said...

we used to pour a little gasoline over the bottom of bridal veil falls and set it ablaze at 2 in the morning. we had the cops called on us once, but MAN it was cool.
and probably dumb.

Shannon said...

oh ho ho the homemade pyrotechnics... yeah lots of those went on too. I think the local police guy was a little too familiar with our little group (thank goodness the boys took the brunt of the reprimands)