Thursday, November 1, 2012

It Came From the Deep

Guys, I think I'm turning into one of those blog people.  Like a bog person, only with more direction in life.  I hope.

In real life cattails don't resemble corn.  And my nose is much bigger.  But I do my best.
For me, blogging is a way for me to write about the random things that come to my brain.  I need to put them down with pictures and share them with people so you know how crazy I really am, instead of that quiet girl who is probably boring and totally judgemental because she never says anything.  I'm not boring.  But I am judgemental OH's not my problem if you do stupid things like drive around with the hood of your car open.

I'm just afraid I may be going a little overboard during my lack of employment here.  I am still applying for stuff though, I promise.  Am I all over the place right now?  I'm listening to some electronic/bass stuff on youtube and people are arguing in the comments about whether or not the Illuminati is a real thing.

Anyway, so despite the three blogs that I already have/participate in, I have to mention that there are also a couple other projects in the works.  One of them will be my own deal, and the other is one I'll be a contributor on.  I'm actually really really excited about them.  Right now we're tweaking some stuff and writing out content for the latter one.  And the former I have pretty much all my starting content for, but I'm having trouble with the I can't think of the best title/name for this thing.

SO I'm asking for a little help.  I need you to give me two words.  The first word should be an object that you feel describes the best things in your life/the world/our culture/whatever.  Just one object.  The second should be an adjective that describes the stuff I mentioned before.  I need words.  I can't think of the right ones.  Maybe I won't end up using any of the ideas, but it'll help with the brainstorm.

In any case, once everything gets sorted, I'll let you in on the secret, and then (hopefully) you can be excited with me :)


PS can I say how weirded out I am sometimes by my schizophrenic choice in music?  Apparently I can go straight from blowing out my speakers with Bass Nectar to singing along with Harry Nilsson.  That happened today.  It was a weird realization.


Anonymous said...

Stolen Paint. Lanced Bubo. Screaming Children. Furry Cats. Um I need more parameters!


LP said...

Positive Feedback. Dental Floss. Picky Eater.

All right, I'll get serious. Sort of. Sunlit Room. Shadow Box. Dark Chocolate. Brass Goggles. Coconut Palm.

LP said...

PS Awesome drawing!

katie said...

oh boy... i can't think of any good word pairs at the moment, but if something pops into my head, i'll come a-runnin' to the computer and let you know.