Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Has Fallen

This past Sunday after church, Sam and I hopped in the truck and drove up to Sundance to look at the Fall colors in the leaves on the trees, since I've never driven through a canyon or anything to do so (I've only even had two other real Falls before, and I missed it both times).
Needless to say, it was a beautiful drive. I wanted to do more, but we ran out of gas. Such is life.
On another, completely irrelevant note, I bought new mascara the other day and used it this morning for the first time. I've read about Maybelline's Great Lash for years-- all magazines everywhere rave about it. I've never tried it, but this time I was attracted by the neon-colored bottle. When I pulled out the brush from the bottle this morning, I noticed how small the bristles were, and frowned a little. Surely it would be ineffective.
But wow. It worked like a dream. Absolutely zero clumping of eyelashes or anything! I literally said "Wow" to myself when I saw the results. So here's my plug: go try it. Seriously. I got it in waterproof in blackish brown.

Coming Soon: Our apartment is starting to take shape! I'm starting to actually like spending time there because it doesn't seem trashy any more. Ha!


LP said...

Wow! The colors are fabulous. I went one autumn up to Sundance and we took the ski lift up to see the colors. There were patches of bright yellow aspens that were amazing. You should try that sometime, when you have the $.

My word is musem, which I first read as "museum" and it made me happy for about three seconds.

Megan said...

Pretty pretty pictures!! I'm glad you like that mascara. I liked it for a while, then got sick of it and bought a new kind. And then another new kind. I think I forgot that mascara doesn't last forever and that the old mascara was probably just that... old. I'm sure I still would have liked that kind of mascara if I'd just bought a new tube of the same thing.