Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lying in Wait

Everything for the wedding is planned. This sort of happened by accident because of the whole anticipated-trip-to-Italy thing. Alas, we all know that that didn't happen because of the illness.
Anyway, it has been nice not having to make serious decisions every day about wedding things, and all that's left is putting the plans into action, which is infinitely more fun and less stressful! And I really am looking forward to some of the stuff that I can't do until later, like decorations and baking and getting a marriage license and taking bridals and... yeah. And getting married.

I'm excited :)

P.S. I read this morning that they are building an Avatar theme park at Disney World in Florida. If you've read my rant, you know exactly how I feel about this.


LP said...

Haha! the polar bear. I'm glad you can relax some or maybe even a lot.

An Avatar theme park? Why don't they ever do anything interesting, like a Shakespeare theme park? Like, there could be a Weird Sisters ride where Macbeth could try to stab you and you could try to get away, or something like that.

katie said...

I'm excited for you, too. I actually found registering for gifts to be really fun. Anywho, I like your mom's idea for a theme park and ride. I also agree that an Avatar theme park is a stupid idea. I hope it utterly fails.