Friday, September 9, 2011

Le Weekend!

Ladies and gentlemen, I have officially made it through the first (for me) week back at school! Hoorah! I can tell I'm going to enjoy attending only part-time this semester, even if it does funny things to my tuition since I can't have my scholarship anymore (boo).
I'm living at my grandparents' house for the semester and loving it so far.
Aaaand...I'm trying to adjust to the new doctor-prescribed diet that will hopefully keep me out of the hospital for months to come.
Anyway, since it's Friday, and I'm lazy at work, here are some things I've found across the intranetz that piqued my interest:

Things to do with paint chips (the tufty one looks really cool)

Cool fingerprint rings (although reading the backstory is way more interesting)

Swallowable perfume? What the...

Ghetto hack for sous-vide cooking? I'm intrigued...

P.S. The photo is from a sunrise trip to the west side of the lake two years ago. I'm hankerin' to go back.


LP said...

For most of those links I had a completely different idea when I read your mention of them than what they really turend out to be. Ex: swallowable perfume: Now they're making it safe because lots of babies and toddlers get into that kind of stuff.

I'm happy to discover what sous-vide means.

LP said...

turend = turned

Wasdensc said...

you kaboshed the going back part... we need to do it soon!!!!