Monday, September 20, 2010

Videos from Le Weekend

This weekend I went to the Hogle Zoo with my sister's Biological Anthropology class for their primate observation. Afterwards we looked at the big cats, because we love cats.
I also went to my other sister's house, and we hung out for a while. While I was there, my niece was singing to me, and it was cute.

Also, we had cake. It was very good cake. Is it weird that I promote myself?


eric and adrien said...

ok, first of all, rylie is really cute. really really cute. second of all, i didn't realize before how dumb all those people were at the zoo..."JUMP IN THE WATER!!! GET THE BALL!!!!" like a tiger would listen to them. yeah right.

LP said...

Exactly what I was going to say, on both points. If I was one of those tigers, I'd say, "YOU jump in the water and get the ball. And then you can play with us....heh heh heh!"

Megan said...

ahh so glad you got that video of her singing!! thank you! Also, I commented on your video on youtube, but the other song is '5 little ducks'. Do you know that one? The one where the daddy duck has a deep, scary voice?

I was also laughing at the tiger video for the same reason as Adrien and Mom... but that's one small reason I like to go to the zoo... to hear people make fools of themselves over the animals. It's hilarious! And obviously, I'm totally guilty of being dumb about llamas and stuff like that, but I can still think it's funny!