Monday, September 13, 2010

Sticky Note

How do you like the new theme/layout/whatever? I like it, it's not as dark, and it's less simple or whatever.

Anyway, today I was in a building on campus and I stepped into the bathroom for a minute. While I was washing my hands, I looked up and on the mirror was a sticky note giving me a positive message. I'd read about something like this before, and I think it's kind of a cool idea.

There's a movement/organization/something called Operation Beautiful that puts positive messages like these in random places (public mirrors, stop signs, etc) in order to lift the self-esteem and body image of random people. The website has some good stuff to look at also, so you should check it out, or join the movement, or pass the message on, or whatever.

On a similar note, Glamour Magazine's latest issue had an article that talked about having a positive body image, and cited several stories of people's success stories, from men and women's points of view, about being heavy or overly thin. I found it very uplifting.

Happy Monday!


Megan said...

Hey since I don't know when I'll use Jared's computer next, what does the sticky note say? I wish my computer wasn't stupid... =P

LP said...

It says "Smile because you're BEAUTIFUL from the inside out".

I like the idea of putting up positive messages like these. It's way better than all that stuff and nonsense about who likes who, or who's angry at who, or just random bad words that people get a little thrill out of scratching into paint, or whatever.

LP said...

Oh, btw, I like the new layout!

Emily said...

I like the new layout. I think the white is very fresh feeling. I might do something like that too.
I also really like the idea of the positive messages. Perfect place too, I know a lot of times that's something I should focus on after looking in the mirror.