Wednesday, June 2, 2010


There are some goals I have for the summer, and I figured I'd better write them down somewhere so I don't forget:

1. Be reading a book consistently (so far so good, I've read like four books since we got back from England)

2. Exercise each day, whether it be walking to work or riding Autumn's bike around the neighborhood or running in the mornings (done this nearly every day so far. It sure feels good to bike, I'm going to need to get my own!)

3. Eat "healthy" (I'm going to need to stop having corn chips and fruit snacks for lunch)

4. Finish all my Independent Study courses by the August deadline, but still keep up with the class/es I'm taking in Summer term.

I think that's it. In other news, for Memorial Day weekend I drove home to Fallbrook. I didn't take a single picture, but I assure you I had a very good time. I loved being home. We went to Magic Mountain, I went to the beach with my brother and got sunburned, I ate lots of *good* Mexican food, we had a grill (not so much a bbq, as it was salmon and vegetables, but we made it on the grill and ate it outside). Oh, and I got pulled over for the very first time on the way down. I also got my very first speeding ticket. I've been licensed for five years, so I suppose my lucky streak had to run out sometime.

Notes to all of you (and to self):

1. Don't speed. According to Officer Frabbiele, people WILL die if you speed.

2. Wear shoes when you drive in Nevada. Apparently it's illegal not to.

3. Make sure your insurance isn't expired. It's the same as no insurance, and that costs $1,132.

4. Be a good driver, so that when you DO speed, you get off with a warning on #s 2 and 3, and a reduced ticket for #1. Phew.

Oh, and wear sunscreen.


Reyna said...

Oh my gosh. My boyfriend and I were driving to Cali a few weeks ago and we got pulled over in Nevada! He got a $112 ticket for 5 over! And then the cop asked him to get out of the car and he says, "Hang on, I need to put on my shoes." ... yeah. I know what you're talking about.

LP said...

Good goals and good lessons to learn. Did I tell you I got a speeding ticket in Aridzona? One of those traffic cameras caught me. At least I wasn't picking my nose....

eric and adrien said...

ok, so i really love the thumbs-down picture. i actually laughed out loud. haha.

wear sunscreen.