Saturday, July 11, 2009


From Thursday until just a couple of hours ago I was on a really fun ward trip to Zion National Park in southern Utah. It was a lot of fun and I got to meet some new friends.
Friday morning we woke up shortly before 6am to get started on an 8-mile hike up to Observation Point in Zion Park. It was over 100 degrees and incredibly steep and hot and grueling. The hike down was obviously easier, but still very steep and difficult. We passed through a slot canyon though, which was beautiful and interesting compared to the boring dusty/rocky/sunny/steeper parts of the trail. After the hike we played in a really awesome secluded swimming hole in the park with a natural waterslide and a little waterfall. After I stopped thinking about the face-eating bacteria in lakes Dad keeps telling me about (which took only a few minutes after I told myself that if I got face-eating bacteria, so would the rest of the ward), then I had a good time swimming around. That night we had dinner at a park nearby the houses we were staying at (the daughter of our bishop and their friends) and watched the Sandlot projected onto a trailer in a neighbor's backyard. This morning we had a delish (and late! thank goodness) breakfast (okay wow, did I really just write "delish"? Because I totally thought I'd written "delicious"...) and then some went to the temple in St George and some of us went to St George to watch "Up" and eat at In n Out. Which is obviously what I did. We didn't get the memo early enough.

There are many more pictures in my "Summer" album on Facebook. And enjoy this video of Observation Point:

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Jared and Megan said...

the part of your video where you looked down gave me the willies!! but that is a very cool view. I think the grueling hike always makes the view that much better.