Friday, July 3, 2009

Stewart Falls!

For Enrichment last night, ten of us went on a hike to Stewart Falls up Provo Canyon. It's on the backside of Timpanogos. It took probably an hour to hike to the falls, 20-30 minutes to mess around, and a little less than an hour to hike back. It was a pretty easy hike too, mostly flat with steeper parts at the beginning and end. But the views were beautiful and I loved being in nature. Here are some pictures.
This was our group (minus the one taking the picture) serious outdoorspeople, all of them:
Me at the cliff at the end of the trail (interestingly I got 3 bars of service up there and was able to call Ian and tell him I'd be late to dinner):
View from the Falls:
On the trail:
Still on the trail:
Here's a video of the Falls and the view:

Oh, do you remember this picture of Adrien from (I think) February?
Well, here's that same signpost yesterday (with my backpack for scale):


eric and adrien said...

wow, that really was a lot of snow...
also i really need to do more hiking. nao.

LP said...

What a lovely place. I'd like to go up there some time. I wonder if it will still be so green and byootiful later in summer.

Jared and Megan said...

I want to go too! It depends on when you guys go, but I might be able to join you next time.